Do you hear
the deafening declaration
of the definite,
the dauntless,
dissolving the dawn?

Do you taste
the whorling whirlwind
the whizzing wonder
of the wilderness
in winter?

Do you see
the homebound hero
here and there,

Do you feel
the rhythmic rolling,
radiant, remorseless rumbling
rocking the revolution
as it roars?

Do you smell
the aroma of addiction
arousing the animal
alive inside
as it awakens?

Do you know
the pang of pollution,
purity plundered,
passion pulsing

Do you ever experience
this wondrous world
you wander in?
The wisteria
and the willow,
The whistler
and the whittler,
the woodpecker
and the windchimes,
the wonderers
and the wanderers.

Have you met
the traveller?
Twisted tree,
Torn temple,
Tireless twinkling eyes.

“Welcome to the world.”