Rusting Crowns

Oh, what’s the use?
I’m rambling.
I’ve no excuse,
Just that my thoughts are tangled
and confused.
The ocean turns,
My mind churns,
My heart yearns,
My hands learn
to feel the way
through the maze.
Was it really meant to be this endless race?
On with the chase!
Relentless pace
Displaced, retrace
Driving, striving
on with determination
Almost there,
But never reach my destination,
not satisfied,
at least not yet.
If I could just…
But all I’m left with is wind-weary dust.
Crusty medals mock all I ever won.
Run aground,
Sun goes down and earth turns round
And all I have are rusting crowns.

There is a music inside me…

There is a music inside me,
free of thought and language:
a voice that sings–
But lacking instrument,
this sparrow lacks her wings.

There is a magic inside me,
dancing like sparks from the fire:
a power that burns–
Though trapped by ignorance,
there’s still something in me that yearns.

There is a tempest inside me,
raging with wind and with fire:
turbulent mind-storm.
Thunder cracks, lonely and loud.
Jesus, get rid of this thorn!


I want to hold on to this week, but I’m not sure if here is the place to do it. So instead, you get a list of random thoughts about nothing.

Disclaimer: I always hate these posts on other blogs. So, if you’re like me, go read one of my other posts. Or don’t. Just skip this one. It’s the first time I’ve done this and it might be the last. Or like, feel free to use them as writing prompts or something. I’d love to see what you come up with in the comments below. Just know all work is copyrighted ;P

-The fire may have flickered, but the embers never died.

-I miss the creek already.

-I claim your words.

-This may be a spiritual battle, but the forces are greater than me. And of the two, I know which is stronger.

-God is not based on how I feel, but on who he is.

-Here, it’s harder.

Weird post, I know. I’m sorry. But it’s been a long week. Blessings,