Rusting Crowns

Oh, what’s the use?
I’m rambling.
I’ve no excuse,
Just that my thoughts are tangled
and confused.
The ocean turns,
My mind churns,
My heart yearns,
My hands learn
to feel the way
through the maze.
Was it really meant to be this endless race?
On with the chase!
Relentless pace
Displaced, retrace
Driving, striving
on with determination
Almost there,
But never reach my destination,
not satisfied,
at least not yet.
If I could just…
But all I’m left with is wind-weary dust.
Crusty medals mock all I ever won.
Run aground,
Sun goes down and earth turns round
And all I have are rusting crowns.

Don’t be like the rest of them

This poem is really meant to be read out loud. Exactly as I pictured it, speeding and slowing and rising and falling like water tumbling smoothly over rocks but instead, instead the best I can do is type it out, divide it into lines, and hope that some shred of its music is retained.

Don’t be like the rest of them, darling.
Don’t listen to those voices.
You could fall or you could fly
but either way you’re in the sky so
darling, don’t let the stars in your eyes
be taken away
by the voices that say “no”–
no, don’t let them fade!
When it feels like you’re striving
and you’re all on your own and you’re trying,
oh, you’re trying so hard and you still dream of flying
but the world
keeps you chained.
makes you stay.
Caught up in the fast-paced
never-ending race
and you run till you’re red in the face
but it’s all in a daze
until one day you wake,
until you wonder,
until you choose to try going the opposite way.
You’re a salmon
struggling upstream, carving your way through the crowd
so many voices ring loud, saying
You’re never going to make it.
And then you start to believe it but no
No, if you keep on going
the crowd keeps on swimming away
swept by the current but you–
you’re standing,
standing on top of a mountain
that you dared to climb
because you realized
that it’s worth it
to try
running the opposite way.
Don’t be like the rest of them, darling.
You could fall or you could fly
but either way you’re in the sky
and I believe you, will, rise
to the heights
and dance
with the stars that are
reflected in your eyes.
please, don’t lose that light.